Polietilenos del valle, Polyethylene, Laminate Materials

Polyethylene Rolls

These rolls are generally used to make bags with seal and precut, side seals, side bellows and bottom. Thanks to their high coefficient of friction, they are ideal for repacking crumbs of finished products such as diapers, flours and chocolates, among others. High resolution images and up to eight colors can be printed on them. Rolls are made with printing, without printing, and also laminated.

Laminated Rolls

High barrier material for the preparation of the primary packaging of products for human or cosmetic consumption, which need to be preserved for a long time. The most common laminated films are:

  • PET printed
  • foil aluminum
  • co extruded sealing resin Printed BOPP
  • Transparent BOPP Printed BOPP
  • Pearl Bopp Printed BOPP
  • Metallic BOPP

High brightness, resistance and barrier, excellent balance of luminosity and high heat sealability. These packages offer a high or medium barrier to light, moisture, gases and fats, according to the materials that make up the structure. Used in different types of markets, such as food, industrial, agricultural, chemical, and other commercial sectors, laminated packaging provides excellent optical, physical and mechanical properties.

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